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Viewing Equipment Useage

trackEQ allows you to easily view where Equipment was used an what jobs it was used on.

To view the equipment useage report please do the following.

  1. Log in using your webbrowser to https://app.trackeq.com
  2. Navigate to “Useage” in the menu.
  3. Select a location that you want to report for.  This will include all sub locations of this location.
  4. Select a Reference.  This could be a job reference.
  5. Select a From Date and a To Date.

This report will now show all useage of an item that has either begun or ended during the selected date range.

Please note the following.

  1. Business Days only shows the business days during the selected date range.  For example equipment has been at the site since 1 March and you are looking at the month of April the business days field only shows the business days it was used in April.
  2. Calendar Days.  Similar to the point above, this only shows Calendar days the item was used during the selected date range.

Equipment Useage Report

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