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Adding Equipment

Once logged into the app you should see the following screen.

To add equipment into the system please do the following

  1. Either scan a unique barcode that has been assigned to that equipment item or select “View Registers”, “Add”.
  2. Select an Equipment Type.
  3. Now Fill in the following Fields.
    1. Company Asset ID – This will be auto assigned however you can overwrite this with your companies asset id if required.
    2. Barcode – This is the unique barcode for the item
    3. Location – Where this item is located
    4. Reference / Job Reference – This is a reference to the equipment’s current use.  For example this could be a project name or a Job number
  4. Fill in an remaining attributes.
  5. Click “Add Attachment” to add any photographs of the equipment.
  6. Click “Save” to save the item or “Save and Inspect” to save the equipment and inspect the equipment


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