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Moving Equipment

The trackEQ mobile app is designed to allow you to quickly record movements of equipment, for example when equipment is moved to a job then use trackEQ to move the equipment to that team.  When equipment is returned use trackeq to check it back in to the store / depot / warehouse.

To move equipment on the mobile app please do the following.

  1. Press “Move Equipment”
  2. Select the Destination Location ie where the equipment is being moved to.
  3. If required enter a reference, for example a job reference that this time will be recorded against.
  4. If using Barcodes, press “Scan Barcodes”.  Simply scan the barcodes and the equipment will be moved.
  5. If not using Barcodes press “Search Equipment”.
  6. Select the location you are searching or select the top level location eg Head Office.
  7. Type the description or id number of the equipment to locate in and tap to select it, tap again to unselect if required..
  8. Type the description or id number of the next item of equipment and tap to select it.
  9. Select OK and the equipment will be moved.


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